D | Decision

Finally, I decided to make my Daily Joke Start with D!

1). Self-Reviewing

About Swimming

For about a year, I kept to go Swimming about (8 - x) times per month. Just because love it…

However, the problem is WHY I kept Swimming on the same way(Free style) for such a long-term, which everyone may naturally take it as 「That’s my way !」.

Of course! That is apparently my way!


Have you ever think about to make a change, so that you can learn more styles like ‘Butterfly Stroke’.


About School

What a fking ‘Graduation Project’…

About Jobs

No One likes NOOB!

So, be a BOOM!

About Learning

Why Time Flys?

Stupid of Me.

About Logic

1st > 2nd or 1st >= 2nd or 1st == 2nd or 1st <= 2nd or 1st < 2nd

>>> True

# But you forgot variables can't start with a number!

About deadpoet.me

Have no idea how to build the society module.


2). 「D」

Never dared to understand what does it Mean of “The Inheritance of 「D」” in OnePiece.

Same here!

So what’s your Decision??

Seize the Day, By the way to be a real programmer in the next 2-5 years.